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Feng Shui Tiger Eye Five-ElementBracelet

Feng Shui Tiger Eye Five-ElementBracelet

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blue tiger fengshui braceletblue tiger fengshui bracelet

Feng Shui Tiger Eye Five-Element Wealth Porsperity Bracelet Attract Good Luck and Wealth Healing

The different colors bead is agate ,in ancient Chinese , the aims of feng shui create a space that allows qi – the energy of the universe – to flow naturally. The way to achieve it is by filling your arounding with a healthy energy of the five feng shui elements: metal,wood, water,fire, and earth.

100% genuine and real stones ,tiger-eye and agate100% genuine and real stones ,tiger-eye and agate

100% genuine and real stones ,tiger-eye and agate

The tiger's eye stone is A+ grade quality, bead all with cat's eye effect and good luster



100% genuine and real stones100% genuine and real stones

100% genuine and real stones

tiger-eye and agate, Bead diameter: 10mm

fengshui braceletfengshui bracelet

The black agate is carved with the Sutra

The Sutra can help people calm down for good fortunes. As a scripture of positive energy, it can remove ill-fated things and avoid ill omens. You will definitely get good fates by owning the Sutra

As a gift for friendsAs a gift for friends

Wear yourselfWear yourself

As a gift for couplesAs a gift for couples

As a gift for friends

Stones are smooth and silky,Jewever just use high-quality natural stone ,never use cheap synthetic materials,Beware of others who sell cheap crystal

Wear yourself

Tiger’s Eye protects us from the intention of others,Tiger’s Eye is also to bring luck and prosperity,The Combination of theses power stones make their energy several Times Stronger,a good feeling in your hand

As a gift for couples

Gemstone,no exact one bead is unique, you will receive almost the similar as picture show.

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