Everything stems from our passion for jewelry.


"Lightock" is a team of jewelry designers from Shanghai, China, united by a common dream—to create one-of-a-kind original jewelry designs. With an international perspective and over 20 years of experience in jewelry design, we excel in crafting exquisite pieces using materials such as gold, silver, crystals, pearls, and knotting techniques to cater to diverse cultural backgrounds and aesthetic preferences.

The Meaning of Lightock:

"Lightock" is a fusion of "Light" and "Rock." "Light" represents brightness, enlightenment, and the spark of dreams. Our jewelry designs aim to illuminate the dreams and aspirations within each individual, allowing them to radiate their unique brilliance and beauty.

On the other hand, "Rock" symbolizes resilience and steadfastness. Our jewelry pieces are meticulously crafted with a focus on craftsmanship and quality, akin to a solid rock that accompanies people through significant moments in life.

Therefore, the essence of "Lightock" lies in illuminating the dreams within each person's heart while serving as a steadfast support and companion, enabling them to showcase their distinct charm and beauty. Through our original designs, we aspire to empower individuals to fearlessly pursue their dreams and shine brilliantly on their own magnificent journey of life.